PowerPaint is Inovision’s highly customizable Graphical User Interface (GUI). Designed and developed to fit your automation requirements, PowerPaint allows the operator to change, monitor and track data in real time. Included is a suite of reports that offers a quick and convenient method to track process changes, review faults and production data.

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Some features include:
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Hardware independent
  • Extensible
  • Graphical Data entry
  • Graphical Data Feedback in Real Time
  • Baseline data storage
  • Alternative Data sets
  • Data change monitoring and reporting
  • Fault and Warning monitoring and reporting
  • Motion simulation and graphical motion setup
  • Runs on MicroSoft Windows 7

Flow Control

Need the best in a closed loop fluid or air control to replace your current out of date fluid and air flow controls? Inovision’s closed loop control system is the answer.

Having variable settings and comprehensive fault reporting, Inovision’s closed loop control solution will deliver in a variety of situations. Very adaptive to a wide variety of valves and feedback devices to communicate to many existing systems.

Inovision Software Solutions offers a SMP/WABCO/KMP Motorola replacement for communicating with the Gen 4, Gen 5 and Gen 6 Bosch RexRoth/Proportion Air/SMC or any E/P pressure control valves. Using the new Allen-Bradley Control Logix platform, Inovision’s new closed-loop communicator will seamlessly integrate into any existing system. The user simply attaches the RS485 communication cable to the PowerPaint communicator and it will immediately communicate and control all of the existing transducers. Fluid flow, shaping air, atomization air and bell speed are all handled with minimal wiring changes. Based on the new Control Logix platform from Allen-Bradley, users will have a base system in place for future PLC-3 or PLC-5 upgrades. The PowerPaint closed loop communicator provides the end user with an off-the-shelf production-proven solution for matured or obsolete products.