PLC Development

AB PLCFrom on-site service to full project development, Inovision is experienced in PLC design and development. With expertise in Allen-Bradley controllers, from PLC-3, PLC-5, SLC5, to ControlLogix platforms, Inovision can develop new or migrate old systems to new platforms.

Upgrade your obsolete systems to the newer ControlLogix platform seamlessly and easily. Our experts have already upgraded many plants to the new standards.

See how we can help develop new systems or migrate old systems for you.

Motion Control

Need to extend the life of you current automation? ¬†Inovision is proud to offer a motion control update utilizing the latest technologies from Rockwell Automation. Featuring the Control Logix Processor with integrated motion control. With support for Rockwell’s wide range of servo drives and motors. Inovision can also support legacy resolver based motors with the Vega CNC converter boards.