3DEyeSquareInovision has extensive experience in developing software and controls for medical instruments. Experienced in 3D visualization, instrument control, camera and laser integration, as well as customized analysis and display, Inovision can help take your medical instrument to the next level.


With a strong background in image processing, algorithm development, presentation and data storage, we have the expertise to bring professional results in a short amount of time.

Expertise with IPP, ITK, DirectX 3D, and  MMX/SSE code to optimize image processing routines.

Experienced in embedded system development including data acquisition devices.

Algorithm acceleration using FPGAs and Application Specific Integrated Circuits , Pattern Classification and Signal Processing, Scientific modeling/simulation and Matlab.


V-Model concept
Experienced in both the waterfall and agile software development cycle, Inovision’s team of engineers is aware of the strict FDA documentation requirements from start to finish.