Custom Software

Software Development  

auto5With expertise in object oriented analysis, design, and implementation using state of the art technologies such as C/C++, C#, VB.NET, WPF, WCF, SQL, Java, J2EE and Python, Inovision’s engineers are ready to create custom software to suit your needs.
From user interfaces to distributed database applications, we can design and implement any size application needed.

We have expertise in distributed architecture based on n-tier design and implementation. Be it an instrument control application, Windows service, database application, or human machine interface, Inovision can work with you to create the system you need.

We support both Unix and Windows based platforms and can migrate existing systems to new platforms.



Embedded Systems

Extensive development experience of embedded control systems for data acquisition, algorithm acceleration, closed loop fluid control, and motor controllers.

Microchip with visible die

We understand the difficulties in dealing with multi-threaded and  resource-constrained embedded environments.

  • Microchip
  • PowerPC
  • Allen Bradley Control Logix
  • Texas Instruments DSPs and MSP430
  • Delta Tau PMAC
  • FPGAs
  •  RS232, RS485, TCP/IP, and HTTP


Algorithm Development

Experienced in image processing and algorithm development using the latest Intel Performance Primative libraries as well as DirectX, Direct 3D,  and MMX/SSE code to optimize image processing routines.

Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) implementation on both PC and Texas Instruments DSP.



WPF and Direct3D

3D modeling and visualization using DirectX and OpenGL

Development Process 
With the ability to rapid prototype most systems, we can bring useful functionality quickly for early feedback from marketing, customers and executives.

Spiral software lifecycle model


Depending on the needs of the project, we will work with the Agile development process to bring features to completion in the shortest time possible. Or if desired, we will work with the more classical Waterfall development process to fully specify requirements and design before starting development.